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oenology /i:ˈnɒlədʒi/

  1. the study of wines.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’ll know just how perplexing choosing new wines can be. So you default back to your trusty Chardonnay or faithful Cabernet Sauvignon that you know and love. In doing so, you’re missing out. You’re missing tastes, textures, memories and new sensations that are all there for the taking.

That’s where SommStock comes in.

Bringing over 20 years of experience in oenology, our goal is to bring the best of the wine world into your life, without the hassle.

We vet and source wines that are not only the best of the industry in terms of production, but also have unbeatable quality-to-price ratio (QPR).

The wines that we represent are backed by the belief that small, family-owned estates and winemakers, operating organically or sustainably, and using the healthiest techniques possible (lutte raisonnée), produce the best expression in the bottle.  Equally important to us, we endeavor to elevate women winemakers, promote women sommeliers, and educate women (and men) in the DC area about locally sourced wines. We're also focused on giving back to the community.  We support local organizations that support women: Girls on the Run - DC, N Street Village, and Martha’s Table.

So whatever your life story, and however wine fits into it, we want to be your reliable partner, here to help you discover and drink more of what you love.

More easily. More often. More fun.

Right now, we’re focusing on Washington DC’s Metropolitan area - vetting, sourcing and sharing the finest wines that this region has to offer. If you’re a local and ready to take your wine experiences to the next level, get in touch.


Hello, I’m Veronica.


As a wine consultant, sommelier, and restaurateur - I’ve been living my love of wine for over 20 years.


I have earned the Diploma from the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) and am also a certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers. I earned the International French Wine Scholar with Honors. Wine has become not just my passion, but my profession, too.

Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing my knowledge with those who want to broaden their wine experiences. That’s why I created SommStock: to be your partner and friend through the dizzyingly delicious, and sometimes overwhelming world of wine. The path is wide with over 190,000 label applications submitted to the TTB for approval in 2018 alone. Though we won’t taste them all, we will funnel, vet and select the best on offer in the DC Metropolitan area.  Together, we’ll work to bring sensational wines into your life’s most exquisite moments.

You’re busy - let us make this part of your life delicious and effortless.



My life in wine began at six years with the first crush in my family garage and has come full circle to my life as a sommelier in the DC Metro area. My father was passionate about learning and after making beer for years, his sights turned to wine. He joined the local wine maker’s guild and that’s where it began – as the youngest of six, I was an eager cellar hand ready to help and watch my dad create something in our garage that smelled simply amazing!

One of my cherished memories was hearing my dad’s car wheels on the gravel drive and running to greet him to BEG to do the punch down with the special two by four with the small flat end to push the skins down into that glorious juice.

With a family of eight, economics definitely played a role in my father’s endeavors – in the beginning he purchased juice and made wine in relatively small 3-5 gallon fermentation carboys.  Crushers and presses were shared among enthusiasts in the area until he had his own full set up.  His wine making peak was probably in the mid 70’s to early 80’s when we would regularly trek north to Presque Isle Wine Cellars along Lake Erie to buy flats of grapes; he would also get shipments from California (primarily zinfandel.)

It brought me great joy to host a wine tasting at my restaurant in Arlington, VA when my parents were visiting DC some seven years ago. One of my favorite importers/distributors in the area, Potomac Selections, had one of their importers from New York , John Given,  in town for a few days of tastings from his Italian wine portfolio  - the same John Given that had worked at Presque Isle Wine Cellars - many decades before and had sold grapes to my father.  That was a great moment in wine!

Both my father and John have passed since that time, but I know that wine brought so much enrichment, enjoyment and happiness to their lives and to the lives of all those around them.  That is the basis of my passion for wine – the discovery of a fantastic producer or varietal, the ethereal beauty and bouquet of a delicate pinot noir in the glass, the support of these true winemakers that are living their family legacies as cultivars of the vine.  And further, to share something unique that will indeed enrich your life, whether that is a better understanding of what goes into a wine bottle (and perhaps what should not), a bit of history or an anecdote that gives “place” or a reference point to history or geography or geology.  All that, and it tastes great, too!

I am excited to share what I have learned thus far and know that my journey will continue until the end of my life – that, I think, is the best gift I have ever received from my upbringing…an unending curiosity to learn about wine, its culture and beginnings and how to pair that wine well with food, friends and experiences to enjoy this life we are all so fortunate to live.

Living the grateful life with wine in hand.